A magical feeling happens when you ride on a snowmobile.  Even though I am known as a true fashionista, I am also a die-hard adventurer.  I love to participate in outdoor activities. It thrills and at the same time, relaxes me.  It gives me an absolute adrenaline rush when I experience fear.  Whenever I am given a challenge, I face it and overcome it.

For instance, it was my first time going on real deep steeps from uphill to downhill. I could feel the fear rushing all over my body. As always, I chose to think positive and know I could do it. I did it and I loved it! I felt awesome that I had achieved it.


The funny part was two nice hearing staff members, who worked at the snowmobile rental place, were worried about me going on the snowmobile trip because I am Deaf and there was a snowstorm coming.  They gave me a map, and instructed me to take a trail, on 12 North. I didn’t realize at first that they were giving me an easy trail.  However, for some reason, the fate guided me to 12 South that has challenging trails.  There were steeps, sharp curves, and huge bumps, on the trails that I had to deal with.  Guess what?  I loved it, every steep, every sharp curve and every bump. When I got back for a lunch break, these staff members were surprised that I came back in one happy piece.  I was puzzled, but I was hungry and I was more motivated to get back on the trail.  It was a perfect day with beautiful scenery for riding a snowmobile especially during the snow.


After I ate a lunch, I decided to go on 12 North. Oh My God, it was a way easy trail, allowing me to speed up to 70 mph. That is how easy it was.  I would of been very disappointed if I followed these staff members’ original instructions. When I came it was dusk and I had ridden since 8 in the morning until 4 in the late afternoon.  These staff members were so impressed with my performance, and said I did do a beautiful job.

Of course, Deaf people can do anything just like hearing people can do anything.  Some Deaf people are scared of adventure, just like some hearing people are scared of adventure.  I was happy to know that I left something for these hearing staff members to realize and remember there is no limitation for Deaf people.


I recommend you try snowmobiling, if you haven’t. There are many rental snowmobile places that also offer tour guides for beginning snowmobilers.  This place that I went to was in Proctorsville, Vermont and I rented snowmobile from the company, Snow Country.


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