Dear Smartphone, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

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The Transcript:

DISCLAIMER: *The views expressed here are those of Aidan Mack. They do not reflect the views of the interpreters engaged in interpreting her.*

Visual Description:  Video opens with upbeat music and views of New York City, while Aidan Mack exercises with a jumprope. The screen shifts to her turning down a road lined with green trees in a red motorcycle, while a red car passes by. Aidan Mack then appears in a fancy closet/fitting room wearing a black dress with black heels, while she spins around looking in the mirror. The screen then shows Aidan Mack sitting in a dressing room at a Hollywood-style vanity mirror, lined in a circle with bright light bulbs where the camera films her reflection in the mirror as she flips her hair and whips out her magenta, pink lipstick applying it to her lips with a grin into the mirror. Aidan Mack is then seen in the center of New York City, standing in the middle of Time Square where the camera circles her as she looks around with an astonished look in her eyes and face at the flashing lights and billboards surrounding her. The host, Aidan Mack then opens her show as she walks down Time Square’s glowing, ruby-red stairs while bystanders sitting behind her on the stairs watch her introduce her show in American Sign Language (ASL).  

The screen shifts to The Aidan Mack Show logo (dark blue and black background with a cartoon figure of Aidan Mack in a black dress and heels holding up the ASL hand shape for ‘I Love You,’ standing next to three shopping bags (pink, blue, and yellow) lined up in size order with the website: below.

Hello everyone and welcome to The Aidan Mack Show!

It’s important to love yourself, take care of yourself, and help yourself. But what happens if a person solely focuses on loving themselves, helping themselves, and only take care of myself? What will that turn into? Narcissism.

See this picture? That’s narcissism. The origin of the word came during the Ancient Greek Mythology era. According to mythologists, it all started with the story of, Narcissism, a handsome young man a really like oh my god gorgeous handsome guy. All the people in his town went crazy over him. Which he couldn’t wrap his mind around as to why everyone was so obsessed. Which he didn’t get, since there were no mirrors during his time he didn’t understand what was so special. All the girls would run and chase after him.

Then, one day, Narcissism ran away into the Forbidden Forest. Walking through the forest, he stumbled upon a pond. He looked in the water and fell in love with his reflection, fell in love with himself. That was it, he was infatuated with himself. As you can see in this picture. Mythologists say that comparing the story of Narcissism to the modern day world, not much has changed. Clearly! It’s obvious! As clear as water, being able to see right through it, kind of clear.

Now, fast forward to today, mental health providers, psychologists, scientists, counselors, teachers, and other fields are noticing a trending rate of more people being narcissists. Especially when it comes to social media, as most of you know people invest their entire life to social media and their smartphones. People don’t even notice what’s around them anymore, which raises a lot of concern. Especially with the younger generations, the Millennials and Generation Z glued to their screens because it’s what’s the most important thing to them. Scrolling through their smartphones for hours on end, now narcissism is on the rise at a fast and alarming rate. Social media engineers, claim social media networking sits are to bring people together, supporting each other’s struggles, and celebrating achievements.

The truth of the matter is, that’s not true. Social media engineers’ purpose is to group people individually against one another by the competition. Who has the most likes? Who has the most subscribers? Who has the most retweets? It’s like a competition of who has the most followers and if you don’t have enough it lowers your self-esteem. That’s social media engineers’ goals and it’s working.

Social media is influencing many professions. Such as, yoga. People are feeding their egos with yoga. Well experienced yogis are disturbed by this trend of new age modern school practices and encourages self-promoting. When in actuality, yoga’s purpose is to remove one’s ego. It’s now being twisted to feed one’s ego. The whole, look at me, look at me I can do all these poses. This is causing a growing trend of yoga related injuries.

People are getting hurt because they’re doing it for attention and getting hurt in the process of it all. It’s all about them. To have the world look at them, worship them, and like their selfies. Yogi, Yoga instructors, and yoga enthusiasts’ students tend to be personable and interact with different people. But that’s not the case, it’s all about look what I can do. Look what I can do. As I take a million selfies every day.

Which also applies to the world of fitness. Narcissists are no strangers to it. It’s all about how do I look in this selfie and can you take a picture of me. Staring at the mirror endlessly. Posing and taking mirror pics. It’s becoming difficult for personal trainers who take their job and fitness seriously to be paired with clients who do it for the gram. It’s all about the selfies. Look at me. Look at my muscles. Follow me. Follow for follow. Just like with yoga. Follow me.

Teachers inspire and influence their students to be responsible to get help and benefits from this. Instead people are too concerned with themselves. Look at me and my big biceps.

It’s not just yoga and fitness, even spiritualists. Where their purpose is to deliver the message god’s message, and introducing people to God. Preach and spread God’s truth. Sadly, it’s not anymore. Spiritualists are doing it for the theatrics, attention, and praise.

People are realizing the severity of the narcissism. It raises a lot of concerns. People who have low self-esteem will be desperate to believe whatever is in front of them.

In the world of social media, there are some people who are popular because they always wear the top fashion brands and are always taking selfies of their stylish outfits. But in reality, we don’t know them and we don’t know if it’s theirs. Some people go to stores, try on clothes, and take selfies. They are giving the illusion of a lavish life that they’re not living and fooling their followers all to get more likes and more shares.

Researchers are noticing this growing trend going around. It’s getting serious. Now parents and their relationships with their babies are replaced with smartphones. Parents are staring at their phones with their babies and kids. Children are witnessing their parents dealing with their smartphones and mimic that behavior. I don’t know how I feel about that.

People need to be more careful when it comes to yoga, fitness, and spiritual artists by making sure they’re legit. That they’re doing it for the benefit of others and aren’t in it for themselves and feeding their egos. It’s all about the likes, shares, subscriptions, and retweets feeding the egos and giving people the instant validation that they get from all the likes and comments.

Researchers also noticing that some parents are over praising their children at an alarming rate. Which results in kids expecting and needing that attention, and thus becoming narcissists.

It’s something that we all need to think about. Looking at social media and seeing what it’s doing to us. Keep in mind that once a person is a narcissist they don’t see themselves as a narcissist. They’re incapable of seeing themselves that way. Narcissists can’t see themselves, they only look for the praise but anything negative they can’t see it or don’t want to see it. They’re in denial. They’ll think they’re fine. They’ll think they’re normal. Narcissism is on the rise!

Researchers, psychologists and other mental health professionals bring up the discussion whether this is a danger to society. No but it does impact people’s perspective. Narcissist spread an artificial life. Like, Avatar, an out of this world life. People looked at it with envy, which results in lowering their self-esteem. They have it all, but we don’t. Narcissism also impacts relationships, everything is a lie and an exaggeration. Which is unsettling.

All of what I mentioned going on is something we all need to keep in the back of our minds. Especially parents, having to teach your children that there’s better things to do than being glued to devices and technology.

Thank you for watching my show, I hope you enjoyed it!

(The two interpreters appear signing, “Thank you, Bye!”)

Thank you Domenick and Casey for interpreting me!

Please make sure you share, like, subscribe, and comment my show!

Thank you and goodbye!

(The Aidan Mack Show logo appears again. (dark blue and black background) with a cartoon figure of Aidan Mack in a black dress and heels holding up the ASL hand shape for ‘I Love You,’ standing next to three shopping bags (pink, blue, and yellow) lined up in size order with the website: below. A white screen with social media websites appears directly after.)

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