Kim Zolciak-Biermann isn’t the only one who bites back… her dog does too!

DISCLAIMER *The views expressed here are those of Aidan Mack. They do not reflect the views of the interpreters engaged in interpreting her.*

 The Transcript:

(Visual Description of Episode) – Video opens with upbeat music and views of New York City, while Aidan Mack exercises with a jumprope.

The screen shifts to her turning down a road lined with green trees in a red motorcycle, while a red car passes by. Aidan Mack then appears in a fancy closet/fitting room wearing a black dress with black heels, while she spins around looking in the mirror. The screen then shows Aidan Mack sitting in a dressing room at a Hollywood-style vanity mirror, lined in a circle with bright light bulbs where the camera films her reflection in the mirror as she flips her hair and whips out her magenta, pink lipstick applying it to her lips with a grin into the mirror. Aidan Mack is then seen in the center of New York City, standing in the middle of Time Square where the camera circles her as she looks around with an astonished look in her eyes and face at the flashing lights and billboards surrounding her. The host, Aidan Mack then opens her show as she walks down Time Square’s glowing, ruby-red stairs while bystanders sitting behind her on the stairs watch her introduce her show in American Sign Language (ASL).  

 The screen shifts to The Aidan Mack Show logo (dark blue and black background with a cartoon figure of Aidan Mack in a black dress and heels holding up the ASL hand shape for ‘I Love You,’ standing next to three shopping bags (pink, blue, and yellow) lined up in size order with the website: below.

 Episode opens with Aidan Mack wearing a black and white reptile patterned button down blouse with white slacks and a black belt. Aidan is wearing black and white patterned pumps/heels to match her shirt. Her brown, short hair is worn down and she is wearing pink magenta colored lip stick. She is sitting in front of a vintage, finished wood panels that creates a tarnished-bronze and brown looking wood background on a hot pink chair that is formed in the shape of a big hand.  On the wood behind her, displays The Aidan Mack Show logo on Aidan’s right with 3 pictures of pink hearts as trees in pink grass to the side of the logo, each one with different background sky colors.  Below the logo is a small black table against the wall that has a yellow pot with a purple flower inside of it and a blue pot with a red flower inside of it. In between the two pots sits a white coffee mug that has “#love” written on it in red.

Hello everyone and welcome to The Aidan Mack Show!

I wanted to talk to you guys about something before I dive into today’s show.

I want to let everyone know, sometimes the topics I discuss may seem to be old news….

Well, sometimes it does require additional time on, once I finish filming my show I hand it over to my interpreters and then the interpreters have to schedule a time to meet, keep in mind they both do have full-time jobs. They come together, and do the voice over interpretation for my show and they also do captions and visual description transcripts for accessibility purposes.The way I look at it is, news is never old. I’m always adding my perspective based on the information I’ve gathered through my research. Sometimes we think of news as old and have already formed an opinion about it. Later, we see another person’s perspective on that story and sometimes it changes our initial opinion. Maybe you’ll think differently after hearing mine, who knows!

I wanted to explain this to you all so you can get a better understanding of the additional time that is required for each episode. If I was able to get some sponsorship, I’d be able to invest in my interpreters full-time and then my episodes would be more current. But right now their interpreting services is on a pro bono basis. My show is still just building, which takes some time to get the right sponsorship to invest in my show and filming and releasing to get caught up to current events! Thank you all for your patience, I appreciate all the support.

Now let’s get down to business about today’s topic. I think it’s important to raise awareness about dogs. I’m sure many of us love dogs. We are dog lovers.

(insert picture on wall of a black dog running and with the words, “Man’s best friend…can have bad days too”)

I just learned about a situation that occurred on April 22 2017 so about less than a year ago.

(Insert picture of Kim Zolciak-Biermann)

Do you all know reality star, Kim Zolciak-Biermann from The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

(insert picture of the Real Housewives of Atlanta)

(insert picture of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Kim and her husband Kroy)

She left the show to do her own show, “Don’t Be Tardy” but now she’s back as a guest housewife.

(Insert picture of Kim on RHA show)

I love Kim, I follow her and I really appreciate her as a person.

When Kim became a guest housewife, I was shocked. Attacking the women on the show and making accusation after accusation. I already judged her immediately. But I’m really surprised about her behavior lately. She’s usually sweet, but if you try to mess with her she’ll bite back. You know, which is expected. But lately there’s something up with the housewives, and all the accusations.

(Insert picture of Kim next to picture of Kandi)

For instance, Kim accused Kandi of drugging her drink to get to the swing of things. Kim accused Nene Leeks of being a drug addict. So I was like, what’s going on with Kim?

(Insert picture of Kim next to picture of Nene)

I’m not really understanding. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter I still love her and still follow her. I love how she runs her family hilarious/comically/humorously. I think her and her husband are such a cute couple. I think Kim’s an excellent mom.

(Insert picture of Kim and her six kids)

She’s really involved and engaged with her kids, and being real. Encouraging that life has purpose. I’m impressed her and her family dynamics.

(Insert picture of Kim’s family sitting with Santa in front of a Christmas tree)

Anyway. Let’s get serious.

(Insert picture of Sinn, Kim’s dog)

So this is Kim’s dog, Sinn. One of her son’s favorite dogs, he’s a Husky/Boxer mix. And something happened to her son, Kash, who is five-years-old. Sinn for whatever reason was panicking. Kash went to Sinn’s cage to play, and all of a sudden Sinn went for Kash and bit him. Roy, Kim’s husband was upset ran, grabbed Kash, got into the car, and headed for the hospital. Sinn barely missed Kash’s eye, about less than 1mm. If he would’ve gotten just a little bit closer, Kash would’ve lost his eyeball and become blind. Fortunately, the dog just missed the eye.

(Insert picture of Roy and Kim at the hospital. Roy holding Kash’s hand and Kim caressing his forehead)

(Insert picture of Roy holding Kash in a cradle position at the hospital)

So, I learned something from watching this and found out what actually happened.

(Insert picture of Kash’s bruised and swollen eye)

Kim’s husband Roy, who’s a NFL football player who used to play for the Atlanta Falcons and now a free agent. Anyway, this made him furious and he didn’t want anything to do with Sinn. Not one thing at all. Sinn and Roy were close, but after what happened to his son that relationship was over.

Dog trainers and behavior experts explain that we have to understand that this was not an attack. It’s not like Sinn latched on Kash and ripped him to shreds. Nope that was not the case. He lunged at him to communicate. Roy wanted to destroy that dog and put him to sleep and put this whole story to rest. Kim reminded Roy that he needs to think about Kash, and whether or not Kash wants to put the dog down too or to wait see how things go progress. Roy refused has he had his mind set. But Roy noticed that Kash was still keen with dogs and went ahead and got a puppy.

(Insert picture of Kash holding the new black and white puppy in his arms)

Kash still goes up to Sinn and still kisses him as you see in this picture.

(Insert picture of Kash kissing Sinn after the attack)

They still love each other, Roy realized. After talking with his son’s psychologist and survivors of dog attacks, Roy decided the best thing to do was to keep Sinn.

So, the family did a lot of investigating in trying to figure out what caused Sinn to bite Kash. Then they finally realized what happened,

(Insert picture of a man using a leaf blower to blow leaves off the sidewalk)

Roy was using a leaf blower which is really loud. You know, dogs have sensitive hearing/ears. So Sinn ran to hide out in his cage, but his cage is in high traffic of noise and it made him anxious and nervous.

(Insert two pictures, one of a dog with his paws over his ears and another of a dog sitting in a cage)

In the mist of it all, Kash went into his cage to play and that’s when he bit him to communicate he didn’t want to play. So this was clearly not attack, he just bit him hard as a way of communicating the stress. So Roy and Kim realized this and made sure that the cage is in a safe area so if Sinn needs to go away to calm down without any high traffic and noise distractions. He can escape it all and relax.

I’m so happy with how this story ended, and to raise awareness instead of making rash decisions to put the dog to sleep for being a supposed bad and awful dog.

(Insert picture of Kash and Sinn sitting on large stone rocks together)

We need to analyze the situation thoroughly and understand where the dog was coming from. We need to give our dogs a better place and environment.

(Insert two pictures of Kash playing with Sinn)

I like Kim’s way of handling this situation,

(Insert picture of Kash playing with two dogs at the same time while laying on the floor)

I’m grateful that Kim stepped in to calm the situation down. She made sure all the information from dog trainers, behavior experts, and the child’s psychologist to figure what was actually going on before making a right decision. It seems that no negative impacts on Kash. He has been going about his day and back to normal. He’s not living in fear or developed any phobias, which is great news. I like how this story ended and hope this brings up awareness instead of assigning the blame to the animal. We need to give more time in figuring out where our dogs are coming from which is tough when our dogs can’t communicate with us in the way we want.

Thank you for tuning into to my show! And again, thank you Casey and Domenick for interpreting my show! Thanks guys!

(The two interpreters appear signing, “Thank you, Bye!”)

And don’t forget to follow, share, like, and subscribe to The Aidan Mack Show!

See ya!

(music fades)

The Aidan Mack Show logo appears again. (dark blue and black background) with a cartoon figure of Aidan Mack in a black dress and heels holding up the ASL hand shape for ‘I Love You,’ standing next to three shopping bags (pink, blue, and yellow) lined up in size order with the website: below.) A white screen with social media websites appears directly after.)

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