No One Does Halloween Quite Like Heidi Klum

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The Transcript:

(Visual Description of Episode) –

Video opens with upbeat music and views of New York City, while Aidan Mack exercises with a jumprope.

The screen shifts to her turning down a road lined with green trees in a red motorcycle, while a red car passes by. Aidan Mack then appears in a fancy closet/fitting room wearing a black dress with black heels, while she spins around looking in the mirror. The screen then shows Aidan Mack sitting in a dressing room at a Hollywood-style vanity mirror, lined in a circle with bright light bulbs where the camera films her reflection in the mirror as she flips her hair and whips out her magenta, pink lipstick applying it to her lips with a grin into the mirror. Aidan Mack is then seen in the center of New York City, standing in the middle of Time Square where the camera circles her as she looks around with an astonished look in her eyes and face at the flashing lights and billboards surrounding her. The host, Aidan Mack then opens her show as she walks down Time Square’s glowing, ruby-red stairs while bystanders sitting behind her on the stairs watch her introduce her show in American Sign Language (ASL).

The screen shifts to The Aidan Mack Show logo (dark blue and black background with a cartoon figure of Aidan Mack in a black dress and heels holding up the ASL hand shape for ‘I Love You,’ standing next to three shopping bags (pink, blue, and yellow) lined up in size order with the website: below.

Episode opens with Aidan Mack wearing a teal/brown ruffled sleeveless shirt with black pants and black stiletto heels. Her brown, short hair is worn down. She is sitting in front of a vintage, finished wood panels that creates a tarnished-bronze and brown looking wood background on a hot pink chair that is formed in the shape of a big hand.  On the wood behind her, displays The Aidan Mack Show logo to Aidan’s left with 3 pictures of pink hearts as trees in pink grass to the side of the logo, each one with different background sky colors.  Below the three pictures is a small black table against the wall that has a pink picture frame of an eye on the wall.  On the table there is pink and yellow tulips in a vase with a red heart on it.  Next to the flowers is a glass cup of water.  The cup reads, “Drink What You Love.”


Hello and welcome to The Aidan Mack Show!

I’m Aidan Mack, your host here! It’s great to have you all here today.

I hope all the viewers at home had a wonderful Halloween, I know I did!

You know the “Queen of Halloween” aka supermodel Heidi Klum. She is a Halloween Fanatic! Every year, she gets really creative and goes all out for her Halloween costumes. Over the years, her outrageous costumes have made their mark in history.

(picture appears on wall of Heidi Klum in 3 different costumes side by side)

Look at these pictures. These are just some of her costumes. How awesome?!

First you have, her head to toe gold costume! So cool! Then you have, her cadaver costume. You know the Human Body Exhibit where there are displays of people without any skin. You can literally see every vein and every layer of muscle. It’s a real trip! If you haven’t g one, I suggest you do! Anyway, the exhibit inspired her costume and she killed it!

Also, that one year she was Ironman, walking around like the boss that she is!

She really goes above and beyond when it comes to her Halloween costumes!

(A picture appears on wall of Heidi Kulm dressed in a Jessica Rabbit costume)

And one of my personal all-time favorite! Is when she dressed up as Jessica Rabbit. OMG. She looked perfect. When I saw her, my eyes jumped out of my head. I couldn’t believe it; she was a dead ringer for Jessica Rabbit as you all see in the picture! Amazing, right?

(A picture appears on wall of Heidi Klum dressed as the forbidden fruit — an apple)

And also, I have another personal favorite. The Forbidden Fruit. She was dressed in an apple costume, and during this time she was pregnant. She was smart using an apple to hide the baby bump, and it had a snake wrapped around it! How amazing does she look? You couldn’t even tell she was pregnant in this photo; her pregnancy was hidden here! Might be something you would consider when you’re pregnant and not sure what to wear for Halloween. Maybe be an Apple?

Throughout this year I was dying to know what she was going to dress up as for Halloween this year….

Wait….something evil is lurking and it’s night time…OHHHH MYY A WEREWOLF.

(A picture appears on wall of Heidi Klum dressed as a werewolf wearing jeans with a red and yellow letterman jacket and werewolf mask)

CHECK THIS OUT! UNREAL SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE ONE. Look at this makeover, definitely took hours to get this look. Looks awesome! It must be nice to be able to afford that!

Thank you for watching my show! Before we wrap up I just want to say thank you to Casey and Domenick for interpreting for me.

Thanks guys!

(The two interpreters appear signing, “Thank you, Bye!” (music fades)

The Aidan Mack Show logo appears again. (dark blue and black background) with a cartoon figure of Aidan Mack in a black dress and heels holding up the ASL hand shape for ‘I Love You,’ standing next to three shopping bags (pink, blue, and yellow) lined up in size order with the website: below.)

(A white screen with social media websites appears directly after.)

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