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Why Did I Decide to Host The Aidan Mack Show

Through my opinions, discoveries, and commentaries on different topics, I as a host of the Aidan Mack Show, really enjoy sharing information and discussing them with non-signing, signing hearing and Deaf viewers. I love being a host so much for it empowers me, and I am highly motivated and passionate in finding and sharing knowledge that may benefit or enlighten my viewers.



All my life, I had to struggle to gain access to information and to be able to express them. I remember the depth of my feelings and my thirst for knowledge. I wanted to write, but I do not have enough tools in my bag to be fluent in writing English. Not only that, but another obstacle is, unfortunately, the powerful judgment of people with the upper hands who would determine our intelligence based on how fluent we write. The last possibility would be for me to express myself through ASL, but there was no budget to cover the interpreting service for translating ASL into spoken English and vice versa. That is another barrier for me, and non-signing hearing people, in the business and entertainment communities.


There were several moments when I felt trapped inside four walls without a door to escape. I could see the information, and I know that there is information out there. How could I communicate that information, or get confirmation whether the information is true if I am unable to access the information? It is like they have taken liberty away from Deaf people. Our right to be informed was being denied by them by not providing interpreting services for us, not adding subtitles to music, movies, and news. They are depriving education and language of the Deaf, marginalizing our voices in the media and discriminating us from seizing an equal job opportunity.


As a person who was always starving for knowledge, I would find books, articles and newspapers to read, watch TV and put stories together in order to try to understand what was going on; and ask people what they or the others said as best as I could. The growth of knowledge did not have to be that painful. It should be the key to advancement and prosperity for all.


As Benjamin Disraeli quoted, “As a rule, he or she who has the most information will have the greatest success in life.”

That was what triggered my passion being a talk show host, to finding and researching information, analyzing it, questioning it, discussing it, sharing it with my viewers, and interviewing people, the experts, celebrities, and everyday people on my show or at locations. I wanted to give people the power of knowledge in every angle and being as true as possible. 



I did not set up The Aidan Mack Show for me to become famous. Well, it may be slightly true that I would like to be a celebrity, but a humble one, who values true and honest people. I set up The Aidan Mack Show so that people can have access to full information that would be beneficial to their needs, wants, actions, decision makings, and desires, and to help enhance the quality of their lifestyle.


_\m/ Aidan Mack

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