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Happy Heart Day

Whoa!! It’s the first anniversary of Aidan Mack’s Lifestyle blog.  Last year, my very first post in the blog was about Valentine’s Day.  So now you know that Valentine’s Day is one of my FAVORITE holidays for sure! Wow! It is amazing how time can go real fast before we blink our eyes.. As a blogger of Aidan Mack’s Lifestyle, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day 2015 and I appreciate your support as readers/viewers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Every year, when the Valentine’s Day approaches, I have seen some people say that Valentine’s Day is becoming “too commercialized” or “Valentine’s Day is only for people in relationships or for loved ones in their family.  Some people would say, “Why should I celebrate my love and/or my self-love when I can do it everyday?” Honestly, it breaks my heart to see that. . It is in our power on how we define Valentine’s Day. It is our choice to view in a positive or negative way.

Of course, I agree that we can express our love to our partner, friend, family member or selves every day.  However…

It is nice to have one day where we would be unified in celebrating “LOVE” collectively and/or individually. We would see how people express their love for their partners, family members or to themselves.   We would have that day to see different ideas how we can express our “LOVE” and/or “SELF LOVE” online or offline. Sometimes we don’t have an idea or run out of ideas about what to do on Valentine’s Day, we’d get some feedbacks from other people who would share their ideas what they do as a couple or as a single person. There is no right or wrong way on how we celebrate our “LOVE” and “SELF-LOVE” on Valentine’s Day.

Businesses are giving us different options to express our love on Valentine’s Day with choices from simple to lavish gifts. It is up to us to make choices what we want to do on Valentine’s Day. There are many things we could do it for free such as cooking a dinner for a partner, creating a valentine card, writing/signing love poems, expressing our affections, a walk in the park with our partner or friends.


To me, Valentine’s Day of 2015 means our unseen Cupid is only here to send a love arrow piercing our hearts and let the love flow in our lives. It is a holiday about real love and to remind us to share love for others in our lives – that love is only ours to share. It reminds us that it is important to share our love and let it flow. Enjoy your Valentine Day!


Taking a bath is a loving way to treat ourselves by relaxing in lukewarm water diffused in essential oils on our skin, breathing in the calming aroma of scented candles and soaking in bubbles and/or flowers.


After I dressed up for a Valentine photo shooting, I saw myself in the mirror and noticed that I gained some weight due to my inactivity from my right foot surgery. I started to feel discouraged about my body image. Then I snapped myself out of the negativity and said, “I love my body unconditionally. I will not be that person where I will love myself if I am on perfect weight and I will hate myself if I am not on perfect weight.” It is so essential as a heart beat or breathing air that people need to love themselves all the time, no matter what the circumstances are. We all experience weight loss/gain in our lives due to various reasons. It is really important that we have strong foundation with our self-love. Our bodies do their best to function every single day. I made a choice to stop judging myself about my weight, to appreciate my body that it is doing its best and to do my best to manage my weight within limits. That is an example of “SELF LOVE.”


“To love without condition starts and ends with you.” It is so significantly important that you love yourself unconditionally. You would be able to forgive others more easily if you could forgive yourself and your mistakes. We all are human and we all do make mistakes. How we respond to our own mistakes is the reflection of how we respond to other peoples’ mistakes. Love yourself, be gentle to yourself, appreciate yourself, forgive yourself and cherish yourself at all the times no matter what circumstances are: ALWAYS LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY.


When I saw words with cookies that looked like sweethearts, I was like… I gotta make them. I thought it was neat. I know I should make a healthy dessert. I make an exception for holidays that I could indulge in eating “guilty” food such as sweets. It reminds me a lot of my childhood. My family went “all out” on holidays with a huge feast including sweets. I do not want to lose that “tradition” just yet. I don’t eat junk food every day. I am debating if I should stop doing this for my own health even though I am healthy or continue doing this only for holidays. Now I am putting aside this debate and make these delicious cookies. Making these words with cookies is a good way to express how you feel about your partner. I wanted to have the opportunity to make these words with cookies before I change my decision not to eat “guilty” foods on the holidays rest of my life.


I was looking for something a special and meaningful gift that comes from our hearts and is made by hands. As a Pinterest addict, I looked for ideas on Pinterest. I found an awesome website called  Dating Divas which has “divas” who have different ideas for readers about unique things to make or to do spicing up a relationship. I found something that I would fall in love with which is called “Little Two Lovers On The Tree.  I could imagine if someone would make this gift and gives it to me, I would love it. This craft is perfect for a partner to give his or her love. It is a creative way for them to make something special out of their favorite lyrics and put it on the tree with two names on hearts hanging on the tree. I went ahead and created this craft. After I talked to my friend about which lyric I should use, I decided to use this lyric, “One More Night” by Phil Collins for the tree.  It was fun creating one. I am sure you would enjoy it and at the same time you would see the smile from your partner when you give it to her or him. For you who have Deaf boyfriends or girlfriends, you can read lyrics or poems that you feel that describes your relationship. There is another way you can do is write it in your own words or draw a tree with signs on it. There are many things you can do creatively on this tree. Enjoy! Thanks to Dating Divas for this fabulous idea!

You all have a “FABulous” day and have a great Valentine Weekend!


Happy Holidays From Aidan Mack

Warm Holiday Greetings to you all!

Aidan and egg nog

First and most important of all, I want to acknowledge that December is not just about Christmas. It is a month of multicultural holiday celebrations with over 15 holidays to celebrate just for this month. That makes the month of December very cool for multicultural celebrations.


I grew up celebrating Christmas. Christmas Eve and Christmas are two of my favorite holidays. As cliché as it sounds, it really is magical to me. I enjoy making special dinners, baking homemade cookies and drinking eggnog. Fragrant things such as pine trees, cinnamon and spices smell so good and it brings back fond memories. I love decorating the Christmas tree where I could just sit and stare at the beautiful lights in my living room. I also enjoy when I get to see people’s expressions of joy when they open my gifts. I won’t lie that I don’t love getting presents. I absolutely love to receive presents and I definitely enjoy the feeling inside when I open the gifts. It is fun attending holiday parties where I get to meet and to celebrate holidays with different people and laughing with them.

aidan laughing

I took a moment to reflect on what the Christmas Holiday of 2014 represents to me for this year. I came up with three things that represent Christmas to me: Love, Gratitude and Appreciation.

Love: I am celebrating holidays with people who I love. For those people whom I love that can’t be here, I send them my love. I also send my love to those who are less fortunate, children and animals that are dealing with issues of abuse, death, injustice, inequality, homelessness, and/or war.

Gratitude: I am grateful for people believing in my accomplishments as an entrepreneur, my TV talk show “The Aidan Mack Show”, my lifestyle blog “Aidan Mack’s Lifestyle” and in me as Aidan Mack. I also am grateful for my great fans and to those supporters that donated their money to fund my TV show and my blog.

Appreciation: I appreciate people who take interest, give me advices, jump on board and be a part of the process in making my TV show, lifestyle blog and upcoming fundraising events happen. I appreciate people who are patient, supportive, encouraging and enriching my personal/ professional growth. They would remind me that I could do it no matter what life throws at me. They continue to stand by me, my business, TV show and lifestyle blog, especially through the challenging times.

aidan cookies

It is so important to love yourself, to have gratitude, and appreciation in order to value and acknowledge ourselves what we do and who we are as well as for others.

Self-Love: I have worked very hard to take care of myself – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually so I can function well personally and professionally. I also learned to accept things that I cannot control, to be patient and to know that things would work out eventually.

Self-Gratitude: I am proud to speak up for animals who can’t speak for themselves and I continue to advocate and encouraging people to adopt pets from shelters, not from puppy mills. These pets deserve second chance living in good home. Most of them are from stores that are being dumped at shelters.  I am also proud for getting involved in projects that would make difference in the Deaf and hearing communities. I also am thankful that I am Deaf, using American Sign Language and a thriver as a Deaf person in an society that has its own discriminations, prejudices, bias, ignorances, and multiple misconceptions about Deaf people every single day.

Self-Appreciation: I do appreciate my persistence through obstacles and determination in finding different ways to overcome them. I am appreciative of the results of my hard work, integrity and devotion to my business, my TV show and lifestyle blog. I am also proud of the fact that I am capable of becoming the most productive person I possibly can be in any form every day.


That is what Christmas season of 2014 represents to me. What does the Christmas season of 2014 represent to you?


I wish you all to have a safe, abundance of health, joy, and prosperity this holiday season of 2014 and for the new year of 2015.

Happy Holidays,

Aidan Mack

First Pitch and Signing National Anthem at Rockland Boulders

Walter Goldman from GoldKap Consulting group and I discussed different strategies to promote and to raise awareness about my show, The Aidan Mack Show and blog, Aidan Mack’s Lifestyle in order to expand viewership and readership. The ultimate goal is to bring my show and blog from local, regional to national level.  One of the strategies was to host the Deaf Awareness Day at Rockland Boulders and at the same time to promote my show and blog.

BouldersWalter introduced me to Bryan Viggiano who is a Senior Account Executive at Rockland Boulders. We had worked together to organize this event. It was my pleasure to work with Bryan Viggiano.  I wanted to thank Bryan Viggiano and Ken Lehner who is the President for giving me this opportunity to promote and to raise awareness about my show and blog and at the same time to host the Deaf Awareness Day at Rockland Boulders.

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 2.44.35 PM

I feel it is so important for the hearing community to see that the Deaf community and the hearing community are capable of interacting with each other and working together regardless we have two different languages which are a visual language, American Sign Language and spoken language, English.  My show and blog’s mission is to Break Down Walls: Build Bridges between Deaf and hearing communities.”


Before I get into an example, Deaf people identify people who hear and speak through their ears and mouths are considered as hearing people. I know it is not usual for hearing people to hear that when we refer them as hearing people.  Now, I would like to share the example for you to see the picture. I discussed with these two hearing people (one of them owns a company that worth over millions dollars) my show and my lifestyle how we need support by sponsorship. These hearing people immediately suggested that I should contact Hearing Aids Company or Cochlear Implants Company to see if they want to sponsor my show and blog. I was like… Pardon me, I am a whole being who functions life in anything every single day.  As a Deaf person, it is not all about my ears. Being Deaf person does not mean that my ears need to be fixed.


It is being implied that my show only fits for the Deaf community and I should only ask sponsors that are about deafness. I made a point that Oprah Winfrey’s majority viewers are White people.  Ellen DeGeneres’s majority viewers are straight people. The point is DIVERSITY!  What’s more their sponsors are not about skins of color or being gay. Their sponsors are about whole beings of different communities including Deaf community who live to fullest.


Credit to Barnes Jewish College Goldfarb school of Nursing

For Your Information, American Sign Language (ASL) has become one of most popular language classes, ranking fourth at colleges.  Hearing people have said to me that they wish they learned sign language when they were younger or have learned about the Deaf community such as history, culture, and language. That is whole point why I have a show and blog to break down the walls and build bridges between the Deaf community and hearing community – personally, professionally and entrepreneurially.  I must say it is not only that.  The barriers for the voices of the Deaf community in the media industry need to break down as well. The media industry do often exclude the voices of Deaf people just same as the people of color, women and LGBT in the past.


Credit to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

OK. OK. Enough of politic and back to the point about this event…. I felt so honored to throw a first pitch and signed the national anthem. The funny part was the catcher asked me not to kill him with a ball. I was like… I couldn’t promise him that.  I went up and threw a first pitch; the baseball players were impressed how I threw. Imagine I never play in softball in my life. I am very comfortable with throwing and hitting. But I am scared of catching that may break my face. What if I miss catching and the ball lands on my nose and break it. 😉 What’s more… 50 cent couldn’t not throw his first pitch as well as I threw mine with my first pitch. *giggling* 

In addition, It was really honored to see the Aidan Mack Show’s very first commercial being promoted at Rockland Boulders’ LED video board.

After this experience, I look forward to signing national anthem and throwing a first pitch at different places. It was nice when Walter asked me if I am interested to do this every year at Rockland Boulders. I was like Oh Yes! What’s more… It would be my dream to sign national anthem at Super bowl one day.


I recommend you to go to Rockland Boulders.  They have everything from adults to children. They know how to entertain attenders. I enjoyed myself there very much. I have seen the students from New York School for the Deaf having blast time there. People in Rockland Boulders are so friendly and they really want to see attenders having fun as well. They also donate to different organizations in needs that need some help with financials. They are good people with great hearts.

Credit to Justin Audley Muschette

Credit to Justin Audley Muschette


Aidan’s Adventures in Boston

What a crazy month this has been for me, I must say. I am sorry for keeping you waiting and waiting for a post about my trip to Boston.  Here is my story:

My friend, Tasha Marie inboxed me on Facebook and let me know that she would be playing in Woman Pro Football. One of her games would be in Boston. It was so cool that Tasha Marie is a Deaf football player who has played in Hearing Woman Pro Football that I decided I had to be there.

It is nice to see now more than ever before that hearing people are looking past Deaf people’s “deafness” and focus more on their talents. What could the Deaf community contribute in terms of their skills that could help teams in any field to be successful? It should happen a long time ago but nevertheless, it is not too late to make things right for both Deaf and hearing people.


I decided to go to Boston to visit, see the sites, and hang out with my friends that I hadn’t seen for a long time. Most importantly I was there to watch Tasha Marie playing in the football. It was a perfect weekend.


While I was driving on the way to Boston, I was so busy reflecting and feeling the vibration of music. Wait! Please do not get me wrong, I also did pay attention to the road. I completely forgot about the gas that my car would need to be fueled from time to time. When I saw the gas gauge’s arrow already pointing to empty.  Ahhh! Please allow this video that would tell you a visual story that is much entertaining than writing a story.

Whew, I made it to the gas station.  Finally, I arrived Boston, met my friends at hotel and caught up on the news. The very next day, we went to Faneuil Hall Marketplace located near the waterfront and one of the nations premier urban marketplaces that is a popular attraction in Boston. It has four great places in one location, which is Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market, and South Market.  It is not only that, it also has Government center.  It has almost everything such as shopping, dining, street theatre, museum, and history.


I was glad to gone there earlier in the morning because it would be packed later in the afternoon, and it would be difficult to find parking. I suggest if you to visit this area you go early in the morning as well. It is all day event anyway. There are many things and events that would keep us busy there.


Here we were at Quincy Market that is located in the heart of the down Boston, Quincy Market is a favorite destination for both locals and tourists. It has 50 shops, 14 restaurants, and 40 food court stops.


Is Dick a person’s name or a name of men’s organ? You decide for yourself when you see a second picture after this first picture.


Can you imagine that Dick’s restaurant would create a hat that looks like ummm *thinking how to say this* well, d-i-c-k for people to wear? Here is a proof of the close shot of people actually wear hats. See that! Would you wear it? I think not!


Oh God… You cannot miss Boston Chowda. So delicious. I love it!  I can understand why it won a winning award.


That’s what I ate, Maine Lobster Roll! So delicious! I was like mmm mmm mmm. So good!  For your information, I am very picky when it comes to food. It won my tongue, it is a must eat. I strongly recommend you to try Maine Lobster Roll.


It is so cool about this street theatre that people can sign up and give performances like these pictures in the below. People from street can come and be entertained by these performers. One day, I should sign up one day and give my show to the street people.


It’s Jason Escape. He would try to escape from straightjacket that is being wrapped in 75 feet of rope, hangs by his ankles from massive tripod 20 feet above and at the same time he would read people’s minds… Whooooooooo.. How could he do that at the same time? Yes, there was a lot of talking involved that would need an interpreter for Deaf audience.


This statue is one of Boston’s most beloved and influential mayors, Kevin White defined him as a larger than life, thinking hard, walking away from city hall, his right foot forward, his tie wrinkled, and a jacket thrown over his left shoulder. I looked at him and said to myself… Let sit on his giant shoe like I always did that with my Pop-Pop when I was a little girl.  What’s more… It is perfect for me to sit on the giant statue’s giant shoe. If I as a grown woman go ahead and sit on my Pop-Pop, I probably would break his leg and foot.

Here we are in Haymarket that filled with different local farmers that sell diverse fruits and vegetables. I support local farmers.


I was looking at directory to find a subway for getting to the site of The Boston Tea Party. It is not that hard to get lost in Boston. There are people and map that would help us to get where we want to go.


Oh, this building used to be state house is now a museum also has a subway in the basement. Cool, isn’t it? It is also the site of a sad piece of history. The Boston Massacre where the British troops fired into the crowd without order that killed people and wounded many others.

As a group we took the subway to get to the site of The Boston Tea Party.  Yes, these folks are my dear friends. These two women, Kelley Crocker-Kirschke and Heidi McGuire  in this group are die hard Bostonians. This guy, Michael Kirschke and I are New Yorkers. We always are at war when it comes to sports. We are die-hard fans of the Giants and Yankees. These women,  – Do I have to say which teams they are favoring for? Nah!  Anyway, I wanted to say they were amazing touring me and helping me with pictures. They were great patience with me making sure I got most information for you to read on this blog. Please give them a round of handwaves.


On the way to the site the site Boston Tea Party, this is now a new State House; Massachusetts State House was built in 1798.  Since the leaking through dome that was originally made out of wood shingles, is now sheathed in copper and covered by 23 karat gold in order to prevent leaks into the State house.


This is Old City hall and it was perfect example how we adaptive reuse of public landmark building across the United States in 1970’s and 1980’s. I learned something new that in 1828, when Andrew Jackson ran for president and he was democrat, he used the slogan, “Let the people rule.” His opponents thought his slogan was ridiculous then called Andrew Jackson, “Jackass” so Andrew Jackson decided to use their name-calling as his advantage by using the donkey on his campaign posters.  Over years, Democratic Party had adopted Donkey as symbol of the Democratic Party.


Finally we arrived to the site of The Boston Tea Party. We would explore the ships and dump tea overboard like the sons of liberty did on that night of December 16, 1773.  I thought it was cool doing that by dumping tea overboard. It is great opportunity for people and children to have a hands on experience of what it was like to revolt against the British Empire and form an independent nation, the United States of American by participating, exploring, and learning about the people, events and consequences that lead up to the American Revolutionary era that began in 1763 and ended in 1783.


See these people how they look proud of themselves dressing up as colonists. However, I am so glad that these clothes are no longer in style. I couldn’t imagine myself wearing a full dress from head to toe every day.


“Pah”, in the Deaf term, it means finally. We pah arrived to the topic of Pro Women Football! It was so awesome to watch these women playing football at Somerville, Mass. They as women are capable of playing football and any sport. More and More women show overwhelming proof that they as women can do anything even in sports.  Nevertheless, it was so cold and windy in the evening; it was great to watch Tasha Marie Lemke playing as a wide receiver. She is talented when it comes to sports. She is a natural athlete. We could not tell if she was Deaf or hearing player, which is perfect. It is because all of years that people realize that we are Deaf, then they would focus on our “deafness” instead of Deaf people as human being who have talents that would contribute their skills to the teams, careers, community, and society.


Hats off to Tasha Marie Lemke to set example that Deaf people can do anything and it is not only that, she also set example that women can do anything as well.




A magical feeling happens when you ride on a snowmobile.  Even though I am known as a true fashionista, I am also a die-hard adventurer.  I love to participate in outdoor activities. It thrills and at the same time, relaxes me.  It gives me an absolute adrenaline rush when I experience fear.  Whenever I am given a challenge, I face it and overcome it.

For instance, it was my first time going on real deep steeps from uphill to downhill. I could feel the fear rushing all over my body. As always, I chose to think positive and know I could do it. I did it and I loved it! I felt awesome that I had achieved it.


The funny part was two nice hearing staff members, who worked at the snowmobile rental place, were worried about me going on the snowmobile trip because I am Deaf and there was a snowstorm coming.  They gave me a map, and instructed me to take a trail, on 12 North. I didn’t realize at first that they were giving me an easy trail.  However, for some reason, the fate guided me to 12 South that has challenging trails.  There were steeps, sharp curves, and huge bumps, on the trails that I had to deal with.  Guess what?  I loved it, every steep, every sharp curve and every bump. When I got back for a lunch break, these staff members were surprised that I came back in one happy piece.  I was puzzled, but I was hungry and I was more motivated to get back on the trail.  It was a perfect day with beautiful scenery for riding a snowmobile especially during the snow.


After I ate a lunch, I decided to go on 12 North. Oh My God, it was a way easy trail, allowing me to speed up to 70 mph. That is how easy it was.  I would of been very disappointed if I followed these staff members’ original instructions. When I came it was dusk and I had ridden since 8 in the morning until 4 in the late afternoon.  These staff members were so impressed with my performance, and said I did do a beautiful job.

Of course, Deaf people can do anything just like hearing people can do anything.  Some Deaf people are scared of adventure, just like some hearing people are scared of adventure.  I was happy to know that I left something for these hearing staff members to realize and remember there is no limitation for Deaf people.


I recommend you try snowmobiling, if you haven’t. There are many rental snowmobile places that also offer tour guides for beginning snowmobilers.  This place that I went to was in Proctorsville, Vermont and I rented snowmobile from the company, Snow Country.


You Are The Love

For most people, Valentine’s Day is an important day whether you are single or together with someone as a couple. So whatever plans you have made for February 14th this year, be sure to make it special and memorable for you or for both you and your partner. It does not have to be expensive or luxurious. Just dress up and go out to the places where you can enjoy. Do something fun!  To me, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, respect, self worth, compassion, strengths and achievements that show you being a whole and healthy person, and having the opportunity to share them with people that you love. It does not have to be only your partner. It can be your best friends, your friends, your siblings, your parents, or your children. Happy Fabulous Valentine’s Day!

Aidan with lollipopPhoto by Manuel Vazquez

mava8x14Photo by Manuel Vazquez

IMG_3668 copyPhoto by Manuel Vazquez

IMG_3807_3Photo by Manuel Vazquez

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