First Pitch and Signing National Anthem at Rockland Boulders

Walter Goldman from GoldKap Consulting group and I discussed different strategies to promote and to raise awareness about my show, The Aidan Mack Show and blog, Aidan Mack’s Lifestyle in order to expand viewership and readership. The ultimate goal is to bring my show and blog from local, regional to national level.  One of the strategies was to host the Deaf Awareness Day at Rockland Boulders and at the same time to promote my show and blog.

BouldersWalter introduced me to Bryan Viggiano who is a Senior Account Executive at Rockland Boulders. We had worked together to organize this event. It was my pleasure to work with Bryan Viggiano.  I wanted to thank Bryan Viggiano and Ken Lehner who is the President for giving me this opportunity to promote and to raise awareness about my show and blog and at the same time to host the Deaf Awareness Day at Rockland Boulders.

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I feel it is so important for the hearing community to see that the Deaf community and the hearing community are capable of interacting with each other and working together regardless we have two different languages which are a visual language, American Sign Language and spoken language, English.  My show and blog’s mission is to Break Down Walls: Build Bridges between Deaf and hearing communities.”


Before I get into an example, Deaf people identify people who hear and speak through their ears and mouths are considered as hearing people. I know it is not usual for hearing people to hear that when we refer them as hearing people.  Now, I would like to share the example for you to see the picture. I discussed with these two hearing people (one of them owns a company that worth over millions dollars) my show and my lifestyle how we need support by sponsorship. These hearing people immediately suggested that I should contact Hearing Aids Company or Cochlear Implants Company to see if they want to sponsor my show and blog. I was like… Pardon me, I am a whole being who functions life in anything every single day.  As a Deaf person, it is not all about my ears. Being Deaf person does not mean that my ears need to be fixed.


It is being implied that my show only fits for the Deaf community and I should only ask sponsors that are about deafness. I made a point that Oprah Winfrey’s majority viewers are White people.  Ellen DeGeneres’s majority viewers are straight people. The point is DIVERSITY!  What’s more their sponsors are not about skins of color or being gay. Their sponsors are about whole beings of different communities including Deaf community who live to fullest.


Credit to Barnes Jewish College Goldfarb school of Nursing

For Your Information, American Sign Language (ASL) has become one of most popular language classes, ranking fourth at colleges.  Hearing people have said to me that they wish they learned sign language when they were younger or have learned about the Deaf community such as history, culture, and language. That is whole point why I have a show and blog to break down the walls and build bridges between the Deaf community and hearing community – personally, professionally and entrepreneurially.  I must say it is not only that.  The barriers for the voices of the Deaf community in the media industry need to break down as well. The media industry do often exclude the voices of Deaf people just same as the people of color, women and LGBT in the past.


Credit to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

OK. OK. Enough of politic and back to the point about this event…. I felt so honored to throw a first pitch and signed the national anthem. The funny part was the catcher asked me not to kill him with a ball. I was like… I couldn’t promise him that.  I went up and threw a first pitch; the baseball players were impressed how I threw. Imagine I never play in softball in my life. I am very comfortable with throwing and hitting. But I am scared of catching that may break my face. What if I miss catching and the ball lands on my nose and break it. 😉 What’s more… 50 cent couldn’t not throw his first pitch as well as I threw mine with my first pitch. *giggling* 

In addition, It was really honored to see the Aidan Mack Show’s very first commercial being promoted at Rockland Boulders’ LED video board.

After this experience, I look forward to signing national anthem and throwing a first pitch at different places. It was nice when Walter asked me if I am interested to do this every year at Rockland Boulders. I was like Oh Yes! What’s more… It would be my dream to sign national anthem at Super bowl one day.


I recommend you to go to Rockland Boulders.  They have everything from adults to children. They know how to entertain attenders. I enjoyed myself there very much. I have seen the students from New York School for the Deaf having blast time there. People in Rockland Boulders are so friendly and they really want to see attenders having fun as well. They also donate to different organizations in needs that need some help with financials. They are good people with great hearts.

Credit to Justin Audley Muschette

Credit to Justin Audley Muschette


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