Happy Holidays From Aidan Mack

Warm Holiday Greetings to you all!

Aidan and egg nog

First and most important of all, I want to acknowledge that December is not just about Christmas. It is a month of multicultural holiday celebrations with over 15 holidays to celebrate just for this month. That makes the month of December very cool for multicultural celebrations.


I grew up celebrating Christmas. Christmas Eve and Christmas are two of my favorite holidays. As cliché as it sounds, it really is magical to me. I enjoy making special dinners, baking homemade cookies and drinking eggnog. Fragrant things such as pine trees, cinnamon and spices smell so good and it brings back fond memories. I love decorating the Christmas tree where I could just sit and stare at the beautiful lights in my living room. I also enjoy when I get to see people’s expressions of joy when they open my gifts. I won’t lie that I don’t love getting presents. I absolutely love to receive presents and I definitely enjoy the feeling inside when I open the gifts. It is fun attending holiday parties where I get to meet and to celebrate holidays with different people and laughing with them.

aidan laughing

I took a moment to reflect on what the Christmas Holiday of 2014 represents to me for this year. I came up with three things that represent Christmas to me: Love, Gratitude and Appreciation.

Love: I am celebrating holidays with people who I love. For those people whom I love that can’t be here, I send them my love. I also send my love to those who are less fortunate, children and animals that are dealing with issues of abuse, death, injustice, inequality, homelessness, and/or war.

Gratitude: I am grateful for people believing in my accomplishments as an entrepreneur, my TV talk show “The Aidan Mack Show”, my lifestyle blog “Aidan Mack’s Lifestyle” and in me as Aidan Mack. I also am grateful for my great fans and to those supporters that donated their money to fund my TV show and my blog.

Appreciation: I appreciate people who take interest, give me advices, jump on board and be a part of the process in making my TV show, lifestyle blog and upcoming fundraising events happen. I appreciate people who are patient, supportive, encouraging and enriching my personal/ professional growth. They would remind me that I could do it no matter what life throws at me. They continue to stand by me, my business, TV show and lifestyle blog, especially through the challenging times.

aidan cookies

It is so important to love yourself, to have gratitude, and appreciation in order to value and acknowledge ourselves what we do and who we are as well as for others.

Self-Love: I have worked very hard to take care of myself – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually so I can function well personally and professionally. I also learned to accept things that I cannot control, to be patient and to know that things would work out eventually.

Self-Gratitude: I am proud to speak up for animals who can’t speak for themselves and I continue to advocate and encouraging people to adopt pets from shelters, not from puppy mills. These pets deserve second chance living in good home. Most of them are from stores that are being dumped at shelters.  I am also proud for getting involved in projects that would make difference in the Deaf and hearing communities. I also am thankful that I am Deaf, using American Sign Language and a thriver as a Deaf person in an society that has its own discriminations, prejudices, bias, ignorances, and multiple misconceptions about Deaf people every single day.

Self-Appreciation: I do appreciate my persistence through obstacles and determination in finding different ways to overcome them. I am appreciative of the results of my hard work, integrity and devotion to my business, my TV show and lifestyle blog. I am also proud of the fact that I am capable of becoming the most productive person I possibly can be in any form every day.


That is what Christmas season of 2014 represents to me. What does the Christmas season of 2014 represent to you?


I wish you all to have a safe, abundance of health, joy, and prosperity this holiday season of 2014 and for the new year of 2015.

Happy Holidays,

Aidan Mack

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