Happy New Year 2017: My Resolutions

Hello everyone!

It is hard to imagine how time could go so fast, seemingly before the blink of our eyes. We are getting ready to celebrate the New Year. It is time for us to move forward and hope this year will be much better than last year.

(Just add orange, lemon, blueberry, raspberry, mint and fresh water)

(Just add orange, lemon, blueberry, raspberry, mint and fresh water. Let sit overnight before you drink it.)

I know people start to scoff about all the resolutions made to improve each year because we usually do not follow up on them.  We often make resolutions living in a fantasy, believing the resolutions made require no effort. For resolutions to succeed, we need to do some work and exercise willpower to achieve the resolutions. It takes work hard peeling each layer of a bad habit off, learning from failures, and getting up and trying again and again before we can achieve these resolutions.

Seafood with Zucchini Noodles Made by Aidan Mack

Seafood with Zucchini Noodles Made by Aidan Mack


It is so important that each of us makes a decision and keeps the determination to succeed. We need to be proactive, willing to do the hard work and holding on to the willpower to achieve these resolutions that are made. Some struggles and setbacks are expected before we succeed at anything. It is like watching a baby learn to walk.  The baby faces some failures before he or she can walk steadily and move forward.  It is same thing with our resolutions.


Happy New Year Clock CupCakes Made by Aidan Mack

Happy New Year Clock CupCakes Made by Aidan Mack

Here are my resolutions:

  • To be known that I can always accept, handle, learn, and benefit from any situation or outcome.
  • To strengthen my personal and professional relationships with people of diverse personalities, communication styles, and backgrounds.
  • To reduce procrastination.
  • To become a more skilled communicator under pressure.
  • To maintain my commitments to my fitness/bodybuilding and healthy eating habits every day.
  • To balance playing and working, learning new things, exploring new places and meeting new people.
  • To expand my network and raise awareness of business people, sponsors, executive producers, crew people, celebrities, experts, and fans/visitors about my TV talk show, blog, and one-woman show.
  • To broadcast my shows on TV and social medias regularly, to update my blog every week with videos/ written posts, and to promote my one-woman show to a global audience through videos and social media.

aidanHYE (2)


I wish you a very healthy and prosperous 2017.


_\m/ Aidan Mack

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