This video, “#IAMDEAF”, is a part of a campaign that shows the world that Deaf people can do anything.

People, it’s over! Please open these damn doors that we have fought so long to get these doors open so we could have opportunities. We deserve to have these opportunities as hearing people.

Fear us, not! American Sign Language is a language that would enrich and flourish Deaf children’s lives and their personal and professional growth. It is not just that. It also applies to the hearing babies who would thrive even more if they learned sign language as well. Learning and using America Sign language has so many benefits.

Oftentimes, hearing people do not know how to communicate or to work with Deaf people and they easily walk off and blow us away. For your information, The Deaf community and the hearing community CAN work together and they both also can communicate with each other. All we need to do is to remove the attitude toward Deaf people and, let it be known they are capable people who have so much to offer to the world. You will see that we have so many different ways to communicate and so many different ways to work as a team personally and professionally regardless of the culture and language differences – only if we as Deaf people are given a chance.

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