Love! Love! It is all about Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day to each of you!  Here I am very determined to write a Valentine’s Day post at every year.

The very first Valentine’s Day post was three years ago when this website was first established, and today is third anniversary of The Aidan Mack Show. The anniversary falls on Valentine’s Day. I guess I chose the right date.


I always say Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays… Well, I must say this year, it is challenging for me to stay positive on Valentine’s Day.

I am still recovering from the injuries sustained in a very bad car accident last November. Today, I met with my thyroid doctor to discuss the plan of having needles poked through my neck to my thyroid as a recent ultra sound indicated that there is something on my thyroid – on Valentine’s Day!

It is also a challenge for me to keep the spirit of  St. Valentine, listening to the negative commentary regarding immigrants and refugees. They are the ones who have traumatic situations they have endured. Many are victims of war and terrorism. And as I contemplate celebrating the holiday today, thoughts of these people that are being banned come to mind.

On a lighter note, I tried to make a Peek-Boo Valentine Cake, but I got everything messed up due to using the wrong flour. I was discouraged because I was not feeling the spirit of the Valentine’s Day… Then I said to myself, “Wait a minute, I could make the best out of this situation, and  a Valentine to become a part of the day.”  So I tried to make the best out of the “messed up” cake, and I did it. As I realized, the day of Valentine didn’t  have to be perfect…

Sometimes we are single – wishing we were going out with someone…. Sometimes we are a couple—struggling to keep our marriage healthy. Sometimes we realize that our friends are not our true friends. Sometimes we are not happy with our jobs. Sometimes we try to reach our goals, but we are not there yet. Sometimes we face health issues, and we worry. That is a part of life.

Although we may feel alone, struggle in a marriage, feel we do not have friends, are not happy with our jobs or struggle to find a job, or are worried about health issues, we have the power to make this day a positive experience and appreciate life, at this time. This minute – we can do something different instead of letting negativity take over our day, focusing on how unlucky we are for not having that ideal relationship or the perfect marriage, or suffering the betrayal by friends, unsatisfied at work, or struggling to meet goals set, or dealing with serious health issues. Focusing on what we do not have is not going to change anything.


Stop and begin to be grateful for what we have this minute. Grab the opportunity to look into our hearts and see how much our hearts can give – to help, to support, to encourage, to aid, to care, to flourish and to embrace all kinds of people from all parts of our world. Love! Love! It is all about Love – Love of self and others. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

_\m/ Aidan Mack


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