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Whoa!! It’s the first anniversary of Aidan Mack’s Lifestyle blog.  Last year, my very first post in the blog was about Valentine’s Day.  So now you know that Valentine’s Day is one of my FAVORITE holidays for sure! Wow! It is amazing how time can go real fast before we blink our eyes.. As a blogger of Aidan Mack’s Lifestyle, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day 2015 and I appreciate your support as readers/viewers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Every year, when the Valentine’s Day approaches, I have seen some people say that Valentine’s Day is becoming “too commercialized” or “Valentine’s Day is only for people in relationships or for loved ones in their family.  Some people would say, “Why should I celebrate my love and/or my self-love when I can do it everyday?” Honestly, it breaks my heart to see that. . It is in our power on how we define Valentine’s Day. It is our choice to view in a positive or negative way.

Of course, I agree that we can express our love to our partner, friend, family member or selves every day.  However…

It is nice to have one day where we would be unified in celebrating “LOVE” collectively and/or individually. We would see how people express their love for their partners, family members or to themselves.   We would have that day to see different ideas how we can express our “LOVE” and/or “SELF LOVE” online or offline. Sometimes we don’t have an idea or run out of ideas about what to do on Valentine’s Day, we’d get some feedbacks from other people who would share their ideas what they do as a couple or as a single person. There is no right or wrong way on how we celebrate our “LOVE” and “SELF-LOVE” on Valentine’s Day.

Businesses are giving us different options to express our love on Valentine’s Day with choices from simple to lavish gifts. It is up to us to make choices what we want to do on Valentine’s Day. There are many things we could do it for free such as cooking a dinner for a partner, creating a valentine card, writing/signing love poems, expressing our affections, a walk in the park with our partner or friends.


To me, Valentine’s Day of 2015 means our unseen Cupid is only here to send a love arrow piercing our hearts and let the love flow in our lives. It is a holiday about real love and to remind us to share love for others in our lives – that love is only ours to share. It reminds us that it is important to share our love and let it flow. Enjoy your Valentine Day!


Taking a bath is a loving way to treat ourselves by relaxing in lukewarm water diffused in essential oils on our skin, breathing in the calming aroma of scented candles and soaking in bubbles and/or flowers.


After I dressed up for a Valentine photo shooting, I saw myself in the mirror and noticed that I gained some weight due to my inactivity from my right foot surgery. I started to feel discouraged about my body image. Then I snapped myself out of the negativity and said, “I love my body unconditionally. I will not be that person where I will love myself if I am on perfect weight and I will hate myself if I am not on perfect weight.” It is so essential as a heart beat or breathing air that people need to love themselves all the time, no matter what the circumstances are. We all experience weight loss/gain in our lives due to various reasons. It is really important that we have strong foundation with our self-love. Our bodies do their best to function every single day. I made a choice to stop judging myself about my weight, to appreciate my body that it is doing its best and to do my best to manage my weight within limits. That is an example of “SELF LOVE.”


“To love without condition starts and ends with you.” It is so significantly important that you love yourself unconditionally. You would be able to forgive others more easily if you could forgive yourself and your mistakes. We all are human and we all do make mistakes. How we respond to our own mistakes is the reflection of how we respond to other peoples’ mistakes. Love yourself, be gentle to yourself, appreciate yourself, forgive yourself and cherish yourself at all the times no matter what circumstances are: ALWAYS LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY.


When I saw words with cookies that looked like sweethearts, I was like… I gotta make them. I thought it was neat. I know I should make a healthy dessert. I make an exception for holidays that I could indulge in eating “guilty” food such as sweets. It reminds me a lot of my childhood. My family went “all out” on holidays with a huge feast including sweets. I do not want to lose that “tradition” just yet. I don’t eat junk food every day. I am debating if I should stop doing this for my own health even though I am healthy or continue doing this only for holidays. Now I am putting aside this debate and make these delicious cookies. Making these words with cookies is a good way to express how you feel about your partner. I wanted to have the opportunity to make these words with cookies before I change my decision not to eat “guilty” foods on the holidays rest of my life.


I was looking for something a special and meaningful gift that comes from our hearts and is made by hands. As a Pinterest addict, I looked for ideas on Pinterest. I found an awesome website called  Dating Divas which has “divas” who have different ideas for readers about unique things to make or to do spicing up a relationship. I found something that I would fall in love with which is called “Little Two Lovers On The Tree.  I could imagine if someone would make this gift and gives it to me, I would love it. This craft is perfect for a partner to give his or her love. It is a creative way for them to make something special out of their favorite lyrics and put it on the tree with two names on hearts hanging on the tree. I went ahead and created this craft. After I talked to my friend about which lyric I should use, I decided to use this lyric, “One More Night” by Phil Collins for the tree.  It was fun creating one. I am sure you would enjoy it and at the same time you would see the smile from your partner when you give it to her or him. For you who have Deaf boyfriends or girlfriends, you can read lyrics or poems that you feel that describes your relationship. There is another way you can do is write it in your own words or draw a tree with signs on it. There are many things you can do creatively on this tree. Enjoy! Thanks to Dating Divas for this fabulous idea!

You all have a “FABulous” day and have a great Valentine Weekend!


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