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This video, “#IAMDEAF”, is a part of a campaign that shows the world that Deaf people can do anything.

People, it’s over! Please open these damn doors that we have fought so long to get these doors open so we could have opportunities. We deserve to have these opportunities as hearing people.

Fear us, not! American Sign Language is a language that would enrich and flourish Deaf children’s lives and their personal and professional growth. It is not just that. It also applies to the hearing babies who would thrive even more if they learned sign language as well. Learning and using America Sign language has so many benefits.

Oftentimes, hearing people do not know how to communicate or to work with Deaf people and they easily walk off and blow us away. For your information, The Deaf community and the hearing community CAN work together and they both also can communicate with each other. All we need to do is to remove the attitude toward Deaf people and, let it be known they are capable people who have so much to offer to the world. You will see that we have so many different ways to communicate and so many different ways to work as a team personally and professionally regardless of the culture and language differences – only if we as Deaf people are given a chance.

Why Did I Decide to Host The Aidan Mack Show

Through my opinions, discoveries, and commentaries on different topics, I as a host of the Aidan Mack Show, really enjoy sharing information and discussing them with non-signing, signing hearing and Deaf viewers. I love being a host so much for it empowers me, and I am highly motivated and passionate in finding and sharing knowledge that may benefit or enlighten my viewers.



All my life, I had to struggle to gain access to information and to be able to express them. I remember the depth of my feelings and my thirst for knowledge. I wanted to write, but I do not have enough tools in my bag to be fluent in writing English. Not only that, but another obstacle is, unfortunately, the powerful judgment of people with the upper hands who would determine our intelligence based on how fluent we write. The last possibility would be for me to express myself through ASL, but there was no budget to cover the interpreting service for translating ASL into spoken English and vice versa. That is another barrier for me, and non-signing hearing people, in the business and entertainment communities.


There were several moments when I felt trapped inside four walls without a door to escape. I could see the information, and I know that there is information out there. How could I communicate that information, or get confirmation whether the information is true if I am unable to access the information? It is like they have taken liberty away from Deaf people. Our right to be informed was being denied by them by not providing interpreting services for us, not adding subtitles to music, movies, and news. They are depriving education and language of the Deaf, marginalizing our voices in the media and discriminating us from seizing an equal job opportunity.


As a person who was always starving for knowledge, I would find books, articles and newspapers to read, watch TV and put stories together in order to try to understand what was going on; and ask people what they or the others said as best as I could. The growth of knowledge did not have to be that painful. It should be the key to advancement and prosperity for all.


As Benjamin Disraeli quoted, “As a rule, he or she who has the most information will have the greatest success in life.”

That was what triggered my passion being a talk show host, to finding and researching information, analyzing it, questioning it, discussing it, sharing it with my viewers, and interviewing people, the experts, celebrities, and everyday people on my show or at locations. I wanted to give people the power of knowledge in every angle and being as true as possible. 



I did not set up The Aidan Mack Show for me to become famous. Well, it may be slightly true that I would like to be a celebrity, but a humble one, who values true and honest people. I set up The Aidan Mack Show so that people can have access to full information that would be beneficial to their needs, wants, actions, decision makings, and desires, and to help enhance the quality of their lifestyle.


_\m/ Aidan Mack

“The Deaf Community”

Here is a rough transcript:

Hello Everyone!

I would like to share what I have discovered from my research.

Actually, the origin plan is to research on Starkey Foundation and find out what its mission and why they make this choice to contribute their time and give away hearing aids for these people in need. I want to find out what their motivation was. It is not my bag in reacting in emotional way and throwing assumptions without knowing the whole information. I rather look at this from a different perspective by going around from a 360 degrees angle. Once it is being fully understood then I discuss this.

Now, Imagine the Deaf community as a map and it is now being stretched out.

Hold that vision for a second.

I noticed that many Deaf people keep saying… “Don’t take advantage of the Deaf community. “I cherish the Deaf community.” “Let’s support the Deaf community”. It is like they think that the entire population in the Deaf community uses American Sign Language and is a part of the Deaf culture. And these cause me some concerns.


Look at this.  The Deaf Community on this visualized map that is filled with Deaf people (including people with hearing loss) on it.

Do you think that this map is filled with most of Deaf people who are using American Sign Language and is a part of Deaf culture?


There is a small and tiny dot on the map of the Deaf community that has a group of culturally Deaf people using ASL and the rest of the map is HEARING people with hearing loss, FYI.

As I did do some research, I found these well respected scholars, who were very involved this research of culture, linguistic, ASL, environment, education, and other different things in the Deaf community. They have wrote a numerous of good books. These scholars, Sharon Baker and Dennis Cokely did find the information on how many culturally Deaf people who use ASL. Unfortunately, they did not have a specific number however they do have numbers that are in the range. The range is between 100,000 to 500,000 culturally Deaf people using sign language, which means the rest of the map is HEARING people with the hearing loss.

Now, there is a research on how many people of hearing loss including culturally Deaf people.

For example, NITDCD and HLAA, their research had concluded that there are 48 million people with hearing loss (including culturally Deaf people).

Now, this small and tiny dot that I take out 500,000 culturally Deaf people is being subtracted from 48 million people with hearing loss (including culturally Deaf people). It would leave 47,500,000 HEARING people with hearing loss. In the Deaf community, we have a small and tiny dot of a group of culturally Deaf people using ASL.  That’s it.

Most people with hearing loss are people who born as hearing then became Deaf later. For example, a hearing baby becomes sick, they are born prematurely, they have gene defects or their mothers have illness. Those things would impact on the hearing of babies. It can go far as toddlers, teens, young adults, middle age adults, and elders. It can be from cancer, illness, infection, and aging.

So this means the large of population in the Deaf community is hearing people with hearing loss and it also has a small and tiny dot of a group of culturally Deaf people using ASL.

That’s when I understood that Starkey Foundation’s primary target is on hearing people with hearing loss. Starkey Foundation acknowledges that a small dot and tiny group of culturally Deaf people is a part on this map and Starkey would welcome them if this group wants hearing aids. Starkey does not discriminate any group in the Deaf community.

Is Starkey Foundation are being politically involved with or promoting ASL, Cued Speech, Oralism, SimCom, SEE?

No, they are staying out of this. They just focus on giving away hearing aids for free to those people who cannot afford paying for the hearing aids and the insurance does not cover the costs.

Think again… Starkey’s primary focus is HEARING people with hearing loss.

Now some culturally Deaf people get angry by blasting and demanding. It is important to remember that we have a very small dot of a group of culturally Deaf people who use ASL. Who has more power? I suggest you to be careful if you really want to influence the large population of HEARING people with hearing loss by informing them about the benefits of using ASL instead of scolding them or getting angry at them. These people would step back because they are HEARING people who lost their hearing.

This is serious business.

It is important for us to look at situation in different angles.

Oh… I finally understood why some culturally Deaf people who use ASL would prefer use the ASL community instead of the Deaf community. The ASL community means all kinds of people who use ASL. It can be CODA (Child of Deaf adult(s), interpreters, parents of Deaf children, etc…

However, when it comes to voicing our rights, If we only want the ASL community to represent us, it would be still considered a small group anyway.

We would still need a support from the Deaf community that has a large population, which are HEARING people with hearing loss by being our ally for our right of accessing to ASL.


We can work with them by adding ASL to their lifestyle. If HEARING people with hearing loss were having a hard time understanding lipreading or hearing, they would have a back up by using ASL. We show them how much ASL would benefit them without criticizing them for wearing hearing aids, finding them benefit to them, and telling them to do by saying they do not need hearing aids and it is stupid to have hearing aids. I feel it would be the most effective way is for us to respect their wants/ desires/needs then to enlighten them about adding ASL to their lifestyle that would make things easier for them to communicate and to understand each other better.


We need to consider how to make this approach toward a large number of Hearing people with hearing loss in our community and we do need their ally when it comes to voicing our rights or to protesting that our rights are being taken away.

I want to stress that again… There are 47,500,000 HEARING people with Hearing loss in comparison with 100,000 to 500,000 culturally Deaf people using ASL.  Which group is powerful?

I will explain more the depth of this whole picture of Starkey Foundation the next time – on my show.

Thank you.

_\m/ ~ Aidan Mack

What Does Valentine’s Day Mean To You

Before I write a post on what Valentine’s Day mean to me, please be advised that this may change the mind of Valentine’s Day haters.

Valentine’s Day means different things to different people and they have a right to have their own perspective on Valentine’s Day. The only thing I hope for them is that it is a positive day, regardless of the fact it may be a commercial holiday. It does not matter if you are single, or a part of a couple. I feel it is important to point out that society and businesses destroy people’s perspective of Valentine’s Day. It is your opportunity to make that day special.

I agree that it is important for people to show love to themselves and/or their partners and show their appreciation every single day. Nowadays we are so busy with taking care of our lives, our living costs, our families, our children, our future, our career, and/or our challenges that may be thrown in our face for us to deal with. Valentine’s Day is a good way to remind us to celebrate ourselves in any way we want.

It does not have to be only for people who are in a relationship in order for Valentine’s Day to be celebrated. It can be a personal friendship between two people that is reciprocated and they are there for each other for support and encouragement. Friends can do something on Valentine’s Day to celebrate their friendship. It also applies to families, such as parents and their children, and siblings.

There is never a good excuse not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is sad when I see people who are single who would say, “I have no one to celebrate with.” That is absolutely not true. You should celebrate yourself. Send lots of love to yourself and appreciate yourself for what you have done to achieve your goals, or for getting yourself farther ahead than you were before. It is always best to love yourself first before you can love the others. Be grateful to your heart that is a capable of filling up with so much love, that is only if you allow it. You can look into the mirror and say, “I am beautiful, or I am handsome. “ It will fill your entire body and soul with love. Your body and soul need to hear your kind words come from yourself.

As you may know, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. It is very special to me, regardless whether I am single or in a relationship. As for today, I am single by choice. I chose a theme for this year of 2016 for myself, which is to reflect and appreciate myself, love what have been given to me through good and challenging times, and I relish in how blessed I am personally and professionally, while showering myself with gratitude.

I plan get up in the morning and do some self-mediation on Valentine’s Day. With Self mediation, I would build up and let go of my muscles, clearing up blocks and moving forward to reach optimal self-acceptance and continual love of myself for who I am.


Before I go to the gym, I plan to make a sweetheart smoothie. I will be mixing one cup frozen strawberries, one cup frozen cherries, one frozen raspberries, ½ cup mango chucks, ¼ cup red grapes, one banana, ½ cup almond milk, ¼ cup kale, ¼ cup peeled and chopped carrot, 1tsp ground chia seeds or flaxseed and 5 ice cubes in a blender.


After I work out, I would be hungry and I would not want to eat at a restaurant as if I was starving for days. So I plan to make hearts out of watermelons and strawberries then put them on the top of a watermelon. I would carve oranges into arrowheads and add a fletching with long toothpicks. The shaft would act as an arrow, piercing through the watermelon hearts. I would add unsalted mixed nuts around them.

IMG_8375 (1)

I plan to dress up for Valentine’s Day by wearing a pair of faux leather skirt and a jacket over a t-shirt with shiny lips. I will carry two bags, one with a word, LOVE on it. The second bag will be filled with hearts. I will be meeting up with my best friend and sharing our gratitude for our great friendship with a Valentine lunch.


After I get home, I am going to pamper myself by doing my own facial. I will exfoliate my face with Neutrogena Microdermabrasion system for twenty minutes, and carve a cucumber into hearts for my eyes, as they need some loving, too. I would mix raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with Indian Healing Clay until it is smooth and cover my face, neck, and chest with it. I will turn the music on, lay down on the couch with two cucumber hearts on my eyes, and feel the vibration of love.


That’s what my Valentine’s Day will look like. Instead of moping around and complaining about what the point of Valentine’s Day was, there are thousands ways we can do to make this day special, only if we take proactive actions for ourselves and our partners.

Please do share what Valentine’s Day mean to you.

Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day from The Aidan Mack Show!

~ _\m/ Aidan Mack

Boo! Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone! Before I get into the topic of Halloween which is one of my favorite holidays, I wanted to say welcome to my new website, Everything will go directly to  Please make sure you subscribe to this website and it will go directly to your inbox before it goes public.  It is still a work in progress so bear with me on this. Please do feel free to share this website with everyone that you know. You can also follow me on social media. Please feel free to give me any feedback or suggestions and I am all “eyes“ for them.  I thank you for your patience and support.


Don’t you all love Halloween? If you don’t, then something is wrong with you! I’ll tell you why it is so much fun to dress up in costumes and marvel at others’ creative or outrageous outfits.  I have been to numerous Halloween events such as haunted houses, nightclubs, parties, pumpkin festivals and parades which bring wonderful memories for me.  There is so much to do to celebrate Halloween. It is great for couples to transform themselves for one night to revel in another character. Of course, it is just as enjoyable for families with children. A family could do so many things such as creating a haunted house or a Halloween themed party in their home. The children could get involved in planning in the haunted house or party (it’s safer than going from a door to door). Parents can also dress up in costumes to go trick or treating with their child(ren). It creates wonderful memories as a family and for the parents to watch their kids sort through the candy with excitement and disappointments on their faces.  After kids go to bed, both of you as parents can do something fun if you get my drift.

Halloween is fun for all whether you are young, mature, single or married.

When I host or I attend a Halloween party, I love to be creative when it comes to making food.  I also need to think twice about using healthy and tasteful recipes for people to enjoy.  I have three recipes: Brain Dip, Creepy Apple Teeth and Jack ‘o Lantern Oranges.

Brain Dip

Brain Dip:

It is perfect to make it because it looks spooky and tastes delicious. I display the blue corn tortillas and guacamole dip in a fun way next to the cauliflower which resembles a brain and radishes as eyes. Here is the recipe:


  • Two Avocados
  • Diced Tomato
  • Chopped Onion
  • Garlic
  • One head Cauliflower
  • Thin slices of blue and red fruit roll-up
  • Sloppy peeled Radish
  • Organic Blue Corn Tortilla
  • Lemon juice


  • Cut the avocados in half. Remove the pit and scoop the avocado out from the skin into a bowl.  Mash it with a fork and stir in diced tomatoes, chopped onions and garlic. Put it in a small glass bowl. Sprinkle with lemon juice to prevent it from browning.
  • Remove leaves from cauliflower and remove the stem. Place it in the glass bowl.  Decorate it by weaving thin strands of red and blue fruit roll between the florets to resemble arteries. Poke two radishes in as eyes on the “brain”.
  • Place the blue tortilla chips around the “brain” and the guacamole dish behind it.

Creepy Apple Teeth

Creepy Apple Teeth:

While waiting on a line, I saw a food magazine. I was reading it and saw this amazing recipe and said to myself, “I must make this one day!” And when I did make this and it was so easy to do. This recipe is perfect for a last-minute plan and it’s creepy looking but delicious. Here is the recipe:


  • Apples (cored and sliced)
  • Almond butter
  • Strawberries
  • Pine Nuts
  • Freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice


  • Slice apple in halves and dip them into lemon or squeezed orange juice to prevent browning.
  • Spread almond butter on apple slice on one side
  • Slice the strawberry to resemble the shape of a tongue. Drape it over the apple slice.
  • Stab pine nuts into the apple to create teeth.

Jack o' lantern oranges

Jack o’ Lantern Oranges:

This is a very creative recipe using an orange to resemble a jack o’lantern. I saw these at an event that I attended and vowed to make these. It is so easy to make and perfect for kids to do. This is healthy for kids which is a bonus for the parents.


  • Navel oranges
  • 1 apple, chopped
  • Halved seedless red grapes
  • 4 strawberries, chopped


  • Choose which side of an orange you will use as the face for jack-o’-lantern’s; cut a thin slice from the bottom so that it rests flat. Cut another small slice on the top.
  • Before you spoon out pulp, cut out the face you desire to use.
  • Chop pulp and combine with apple and grapes. Spoon the fruit into Jack o’ Lanterns.

What did I pick for my Halloween costume? I had a tight budget this month so my choice was limited.  I went to Party City and I was looking for a meaningful costume that matches the theme. I browsed at all of the pictures of various costumes they had posted on the wall and I found a perfect costume for me. It only cost me $14.99 which is a steal and perfect for my small budget!


Yes, it was Medusa.


I decided to take an opportunity to be Medusa because in a few years ago,  a well-known Deaf man in the Deaf vlogging world, who looked down on women with strong personalities, labeled me as Medusa. He believes women should submit to men and that men should have the final word. He reminds me of how men treated women back in the day when the feminist movement started and these men labeled these women as Medusa. Even today, these men who see women who are strong and vocal about things as Medusa. Labeling me as Medusa does not hurt every part of my body emotionally and physically. It even makes me proud knowing that I can be my own person and I am a woman with a strong, outspoken and independent personality.

Medusa is a character in Greek mythology, she was a beautiful woman who was raped by Poseidon (the Greek god of the ocean). He broke into Athena’s temple (Athena is the goddess of wisdom and the daughter of Zeus) where Medusa was staying and raped her. Athena accused her having an affair with Poseidon so she punished her by turning her into a monster with snakes on her head. She was never allowed to look at another man and whoever looked into her eyes turned into stone. She ended up alone and used those eyes to turn any male into stone out of rage for the unfair punishment she got. No one wanted to go near her because of the snakes on her hair. Once beautiful, now fearful to people.

So I chose Medusa to honor of these diverse women with strong, outspoken and independent personalities and for those who have not gotten the support they deserve after they get violated by men.

Please remember it is never a woman’s fault when she gets raped. She has a right to say no because it is her body. She has a right to choose whatever she wants that she feels it fits her and to be in a safe environment.

Always stay true to yourself and to others. Stand up to do the right thing and speak up to be heard. Get out there and make a difference in your community to make it better. It is good to have a strong and independent personality – knowing that we as women are capable of emotionally, financially, spiritually, physically, and mentally care of ourselves.

Here is my short video wishing you all a Happy Halloween from the Aidan Mack Show. I wanted to make sure you have a safe Halloween. Please keep your children safe by checking their candy and going to safe neighborhoods to go trick and treating. It is so important for drivers to watch the roads for trick and treating children crossing them!

Happy Halloween!

_\m/ Aidan

Happy Heart Day

Whoa!! It’s the first anniversary of Aidan Mack’s Lifestyle blog.  Last year, my very first post in the blog was about Valentine’s Day.  So now you know that Valentine’s Day is one of my FAVORITE holidays for sure! Wow! It is amazing how time can go real fast before we blink our eyes.. As a blogger of Aidan Mack’s Lifestyle, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day 2015 and I appreciate your support as readers/viewers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Every year, when the Valentine’s Day approaches, I have seen some people say that Valentine’s Day is becoming “too commercialized” or “Valentine’s Day is only for people in relationships or for loved ones in their family.  Some people would say, “Why should I celebrate my love and/or my self-love when I can do it everyday?” Honestly, it breaks my heart to see that. . It is in our power on how we define Valentine’s Day. It is our choice to view in a positive or negative way.

Of course, I agree that we can express our love to our partner, friend, family member or selves every day.  However…

It is nice to have one day where we would be unified in celebrating “LOVE” collectively and/or individually. We would see how people express their love for their partners, family members or to themselves.   We would have that day to see different ideas how we can express our “LOVE” and/or “SELF LOVE” online or offline. Sometimes we don’t have an idea or run out of ideas about what to do on Valentine’s Day, we’d get some feedbacks from other people who would share their ideas what they do as a couple or as a single person. There is no right or wrong way on how we celebrate our “LOVE” and “SELF-LOVE” on Valentine’s Day.

Businesses are giving us different options to express our love on Valentine’s Day with choices from simple to lavish gifts. It is up to us to make choices what we want to do on Valentine’s Day. There are many things we could do it for free such as cooking a dinner for a partner, creating a valentine card, writing/signing love poems, expressing our affections, a walk in the park with our partner or friends.


To me, Valentine’s Day of 2015 means our unseen Cupid is only here to send a love arrow piercing our hearts and let the love flow in our lives. It is a holiday about real love and to remind us to share love for others in our lives – that love is only ours to share. It reminds us that it is important to share our love and let it flow. Enjoy your Valentine Day!


Taking a bath is a loving way to treat ourselves by relaxing in lukewarm water diffused in essential oils on our skin, breathing in the calming aroma of scented candles and soaking in bubbles and/or flowers.


After I dressed up for a Valentine photo shooting, I saw myself in the mirror and noticed that I gained some weight due to my inactivity from my right foot surgery. I started to feel discouraged about my body image. Then I snapped myself out of the negativity and said, “I love my body unconditionally. I will not be that person where I will love myself if I am on perfect weight and I will hate myself if I am not on perfect weight.” It is so essential as a heart beat or breathing air that people need to love themselves all the time, no matter what the circumstances are. We all experience weight loss/gain in our lives due to various reasons. It is really important that we have strong foundation with our self-love. Our bodies do their best to function every single day. I made a choice to stop judging myself about my weight, to appreciate my body that it is doing its best and to do my best to manage my weight within limits. That is an example of “SELF LOVE.”


“To love without condition starts and ends with you.” It is so significantly important that you love yourself unconditionally. You would be able to forgive others more easily if you could forgive yourself and your mistakes. We all are human and we all do make mistakes. How we respond to our own mistakes is the reflection of how we respond to other peoples’ mistakes. Love yourself, be gentle to yourself, appreciate yourself, forgive yourself and cherish yourself at all the times no matter what circumstances are: ALWAYS LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY.


When I saw words with cookies that looked like sweethearts, I was like… I gotta make them. I thought it was neat. I know I should make a healthy dessert. I make an exception for holidays that I could indulge in eating “guilty” food such as sweets. It reminds me a lot of my childhood. My family went “all out” on holidays with a huge feast including sweets. I do not want to lose that “tradition” just yet. I don’t eat junk food every day. I am debating if I should stop doing this for my own health even though I am healthy or continue doing this only for holidays. Now I am putting aside this debate and make these delicious cookies. Making these words with cookies is a good way to express how you feel about your partner. I wanted to have the opportunity to make these words with cookies before I change my decision not to eat “guilty” foods on the holidays rest of my life.


I was looking for something a special and meaningful gift that comes from our hearts and is made by hands. As a Pinterest addict, I looked for ideas on Pinterest. I found an awesome website called  Dating Divas which has “divas” who have different ideas for readers about unique things to make or to do spicing up a relationship. I found something that I would fall in love with which is called “Little Two Lovers On The Tree.  I could imagine if someone would make this gift and gives it to me, I would love it. This craft is perfect for a partner to give his or her love. It is a creative way for them to make something special out of their favorite lyrics and put it on the tree with two names on hearts hanging on the tree. I went ahead and created this craft. After I talked to my friend about which lyric I should use, I decided to use this lyric, “One More Night” by Phil Collins for the tree.  It was fun creating one. I am sure you would enjoy it and at the same time you would see the smile from your partner when you give it to her or him. For you who have Deaf boyfriends or girlfriends, you can read lyrics or poems that you feel that describes your relationship. There is another way you can do is write it in your own words or draw a tree with signs on it. There are many things you can do creatively on this tree. Enjoy! Thanks to Dating Divas for this fabulous idea!

You all have a “FABulous” day and have a great Valentine Weekend!


Happy Holidays From Aidan Mack

Warm Holiday Greetings to you all!

Aidan and egg nog

First and most important of all, I want to acknowledge that December is not just about Christmas. It is a month of multicultural holiday celebrations with over 15 holidays to celebrate just for this month. That makes the month of December very cool for multicultural celebrations.


I grew up celebrating Christmas. Christmas Eve and Christmas are two of my favorite holidays. As cliché as it sounds, it really is magical to me. I enjoy making special dinners, baking homemade cookies and drinking eggnog. Fragrant things such as pine trees, cinnamon and spices smell so good and it brings back fond memories. I love decorating the Christmas tree where I could just sit and stare at the beautiful lights in my living room. I also enjoy when I get to see people’s expressions of joy when they open my gifts. I won’t lie that I don’t love getting presents. I absolutely love to receive presents and I definitely enjoy the feeling inside when I open the gifts. It is fun attending holiday parties where I get to meet and to celebrate holidays with different people and laughing with them.

aidan laughing

I took a moment to reflect on what the Christmas Holiday of 2014 represents to me for this year. I came up with three things that represent Christmas to me: Love, Gratitude and Appreciation.

Love: I am celebrating holidays with people who I love. For those people whom I love that can’t be here, I send them my love. I also send my love to those who are less fortunate, children and animals that are dealing with issues of abuse, death, injustice, inequality, homelessness, and/or war.

Gratitude: I am grateful for people believing in my accomplishments as an entrepreneur, my TV talk show “The Aidan Mack Show”, my lifestyle blog “Aidan Mack’s Lifestyle” and in me as Aidan Mack. I also am grateful for my great fans and to those supporters that donated their money to fund my TV show and my blog.

Appreciation: I appreciate people who take interest, give me advices, jump on board and be a part of the process in making my TV show, lifestyle blog and upcoming fundraising events happen. I appreciate people who are patient, supportive, encouraging and enriching my personal/ professional growth. They would remind me that I could do it no matter what life throws at me. They continue to stand by me, my business, TV show and lifestyle blog, especially through the challenging times.

aidan cookies

It is so important to love yourself, to have gratitude, and appreciation in order to value and acknowledge ourselves what we do and who we are as well as for others.

Self-Love: I have worked very hard to take care of myself – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually so I can function well personally and professionally. I also learned to accept things that I cannot control, to be patient and to know that things would work out eventually.

Self-Gratitude: I am proud to speak up for animals who can’t speak for themselves and I continue to advocate and encouraging people to adopt pets from shelters, not from puppy mills. These pets deserve second chance living in good home. Most of them are from stores that are being dumped at shelters.  I am also proud for getting involved in projects that would make difference in the Deaf and hearing communities. I also am thankful that I am Deaf, using American Sign Language and a thriver as a Deaf person in an society that has its own discriminations, prejudices, bias, ignorances, and multiple misconceptions about Deaf people every single day.

Self-Appreciation: I do appreciate my persistence through obstacles and determination in finding different ways to overcome them. I am appreciative of the results of my hard work, integrity and devotion to my business, my TV show and lifestyle blog. I am also proud of the fact that I am capable of becoming the most productive person I possibly can be in any form every day.


That is what Christmas season of 2014 represents to me. What does the Christmas season of 2014 represent to you?


I wish you all to have a safe, abundance of health, joy, and prosperity this holiday season of 2014 and for the new year of 2015.

Happy Holidays,

Aidan Mack

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