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Aidan Gives the 411 on How to Communicate with Deaf People!

Hey non-Deaf people, we need to talk…Let’s talk about your reaction when you find out someone is Deaf. You may not realize it but we can read your body language. Wait… Good news! This episode will give you tips on how to better communicate with Deaf people. Click the link in the bio and don’t forget to comment and leave your thoughts! 🤟

* Hello Fab Fans! My apologies for not having subtitles and visual description this time due to an unexpected circumstance of the amazing subtitle/visual description writer. We are only able to provide voice over and transcript available at this time. Please bear with us. This is only temporary! Subtitles and visual description will be added at a later time. Thank you for your understanding and support!

DISCLAIMER *The views expressed here are those of Aidan Mack. They do not reflect the views of the interpreters engaged in interpreting her.*

The Transcript:

(Visual Description of Episode) – Video opens with upbeat music and views of New York City, while Aidan Mack exercises with a jump rope.
The screen shifts to her turning down a road lined with green trees in a red motorcycle, while a red car passes by.  Aidan Mack then appears in a fancy closet/fitting room wearing a black dress with black heels, while she spins around looking in the mirror.  The screen then shows Aidan Mack sitting in a dressing room at a Hollywood-style vanity mirror, lined in a circle with bright light bulbs where the camera films her reflection in the mirror as she flips her hair and whips out her magenta, pink lipstick applying it to her lips with a grin into the mirror.  Aidan Mack is then seen in the center of New York City, standing in the middle of Time Square where the camera circles her as she looks around with an astonished look in her eyes and face at the flashing lights and billboards surrounding her.  The host, Aidan Mack then opens her show as she walks down Time Square’s glowing, ruby-red stairs while bystanders sitting behind her on the stairs watch her introduce her show in American Sign Language (ASL).

The screen shifts to The Aidan Mack Show logo (dark blue and black background with a cartoon figure of Aidan Mack in a black dress and heels holding up the ASL hand shape for ‘I Love You,’ standing next to three shopping bags (pink, blue, and yellow) lined up in size order with the website: below.

Hey everyone and welcome to The Aidan Mack Show!

I’ve been thinking. As you know, I’ve had a lot experiences with non-Deaf people when they find out I’m Deaf. They freeze up and don’t know what to do. They’re in complete shock or they’ll awkwardly smile at me then walk away. Sometimes they even look down pretending they’re busy. It’s something I’ve always noticed. So, why not use my show and give you all some tips on what you can do when you meet a Deaf person for the first time. My tips will help you be more prepared!

One of the most important things, be patient. Don’t freak out and get bent out of shape. Relax, it’s okay. Let Deaf people take the lead in communication. We’ve experienced and navigated the world for hundreds and hundreds of years, especially engaging with hearing people. Over the years, we know a thing or two when it comes to different approaches of communicating. My suggestion to you, the hearing people watching. You could sign this. “Engage, how?” Again, “Engage, how?” Easy, right? “Engage, how?” Deaf people will see that you’re trying and meet you halfway with communication. The conversation gets easier and easier.   Don’t freeze up! Get out of your comfort zones! Realize we can communicate. Us, Deaf people are just like you hearing people, we enjoy having conversations with different people.

Let’s go back to the original question, what to do and how to communication when you meet a Deaf person for the first time? You can text back and forth. As you know, almost every person has a smartphone and everyone’s texting away already. It’s not that hard. There’s also Siri, speech to text, and text to speech apps. Which aren’t that bad, right? It does take some time, but it’s worth it. Trust me!

Don’t forget there’s body language and don’t be shy! I know in hearing culture, it’s not really encouraged to be expressive on the face and the body. Get over it and be more comfortable! It’s like playing a game of Charades. It’s kind of the same concept with Deaf people but keep in mind, American Sign Language (ASL) is a completely different than gesturing. ASL is an actual language. Whereas gesture is a means of communication to be understood when two people don’t know the same language. So, don’t assume that if someone gestures that means they have a limited intelligence. It’s just one of the many approaches as a mean of communication, without using English or ASL.

There are so many ways to communicate. Don’t give up! Deaf people will give you hearing people a lot of respect for making the effort to engage and include us in the conversation.

I hope this episode helps my hearing fans feel more confident when engaging with Deaf people.

Thank you for watching my show!

Thanks Casey and Domenick for interpreting!


(The two interpreters appear signing, “Thank you, Bye!” (Music fades)

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Thanks everyone, bye!

The Aidan Mack Show logo appears again. (Dark blue and black background) with a cartoon figure of Aidan Mack in a black dress and heels holding up the ASL hand shape for ‘I Love You,’ standing next to three shopping bags (pink, blue, and yellow) lined up in size order with the website: below.) A white screen with social media websites appears directly after.)


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