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Is H.R. 620 Going to Destroy the ADA?

This episode discusses H.R 620 being passed. It has the potential to possibly destroy the ADA law that protects the Deaf community which could have a huge impact on Deaf people’s access to communication and language.

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DISCLAIMER *The views expressed here are those of Aidan Mack. They do not reflect the views of the interpreters engaged in interpreting her.*

The Transcript:

(Visual Description of Episode) – Video opens with upbeat music and views of New York City, while Aidan Mack exercises with a jumprope.

The screen shifts to her turning down a road lined with green trees in a red motorcycle, while a red car passes by. Aidan Mack then appears in a fancy closet/fitting room wearing a black dress with black heels, while she spins around looking in the mirror. The screen then shows Aidan Mack sitting in a dressing room at a Hollywood-style vanity mirror, lined in a circle with bright light bulbs where the camera films her reflection in the mirror as she flips her hair and whips out her magenta, pink lipstick applying it to her lips with a grin into the mirror. Aidan Mack is then seen in the center of New York City, standing in the middle of Time Square where the camera circles her as she looks around with an astonished look in her eyes and face at the flashing lights and billboards surrounding her. The host, Aidan Mack then opens her show as she walks down Time Square’s glowing, ruby-red stairs while bystanders sitting behind her on the stairs watch her introduce her show in American Sign Language (ASL).  

 The screen shifts to The Aidan Mack Show logo (dark blue and black background with a cartoon figure of Aidan Mack in a black dress and heels holding up the ASL hand shape for ‘I Love You,’ standing next to three shopping bags (pink, blue, and yellow) lined up in size order with the website: below.

Hello everyone and welcome to The Aidan Mack Show!

There are so many things happening and coming up fast I can’t even keep up! I feel one situation in particular needs to be discussed. A situation that deeply concerns the Disabled Community. H.R. 620, which was a proposed bill that really relates with buildings and making sure they’re wheelchair accessible. Whether it’s wheelchair ramps or making sure that restroom facilities are accessible in terms of things being at arm’s length for little people for example. For Deaf people, fire alarms that emit light! The bill relates to building accessibility and not so much of communication accessibility.

When talking about buildings, if a building doesn’t have visual fire alarm alerts, wheelchair ramps, and height measurement consideration for things to be easily accessible like restrooms and water fountains. The people who need the accommodations need to write a letter and wait 60 days. Within 120 days the facility needs to take the proper actions and make changes to be more accessible. Once that is all done, there’s no need for a lawsuit. Now, if after all that time no action for changes were made, then a lawsuit can be filed.

This is known as the Notice and Cure Period. Which basically prevents lawyers from having a field day filing lawsuits for an easy payday. It also protects small businesses and gives them time to make the accommodations without being hit with a lawsuit immediately.

Members of the Disabled Community have concerns that this will weaken the ADA law. The Deaf Community also has concerns that this bill throws the ADA law to the ground and will make life go back to before the ADA law was passed. Both the Disabled and Deaf Community fought hard in making sure they have equal opportunities and equal rights just like their able bodied counterparts. We all want the same things, and that’s why the law is needed to ensure that happens.

I can tell you from a firsthand experience, I’ve experienced discrimination so many times I can’t even count. Believe me, people are taking advantage to save money and can’t be bothered to be inclusive of individuals with disabilities and the Deaf Community. It’s not just physical disabilities, there’s also linguistic minorities, like American Sign Language. We need interpreters in order to have access to communication and information. People will try to avoid and delay providing access because they claim it’s too expensive.

It concerns me, that people will have to wait a total of 180 days for accessibility accommodations. For example, if there’s a conference and I need access to it, I’d have to wait forever and miss the entire conference. Which makes us worried, how many bills will go far to weaken the ADA. Possibly throwing away all of our rights, and then we’d have to struggle all over again.

We need your advocacy. Support individuals with disabilities and make sure the ADA law is standing strong. So that we can be protected by the law to ensure we have accessibility. For the people watching, who are considered able bodied, make sure things are accessible for all. That’s my goal, I want all groups to have equal access to everything around them and equal opportunities!

Thank you for watching my show!

Thank you Casey and Domenick for interpreting!

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